Civilopathy and the Decline of America

Copyright 1997, 1998 by James Michael Howard.

In March of 1985, I wrote a treatise entitled Evolution of Sociopathy in Western Civilization A Philosophical Treatise, (Copyright 1985, Registration No. 1-545-639). I said: "Sociopathy is here defined as an increase in the frequency of behavior typified by immediacy, ethical egoism, and irreverence in all socioeconomic levels. Immediacy: action due to direct awareness of sensory data as contrasted with what is added by memory and association or thought. Ethical egoism: individual self-interest is the valid end of all action. Irreverence: failure to offer due respect to that which is properly reverenced or revered; lessening of respect for traditional values." The insights that came from that book, and further thought, gave rise to another book in 1985, A Theory of the Control of the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Homo sapiens by the Interaction of Dehydroepiandrosterone and the Amygdala, (Copyright 1985, Registration No. Txu 220580). My theory of human biology has evolved since these two books. I now have a clearer understanding of the etiology of sociopathy. I now understand that I should rename this; I was not writing about sociopathy, rather, I was writing about a new set of personality characteristics I now call "civilopathy."

I recently looked up "sociopath" in a new dictionary and found that sociopaths lack a conscience and are intensely antisocial. We know these individuals. They are relatively easy to identify. Many of them end up in prison. The distinguishing characteristic is their antisocial behavior. They are an evolutionary failure, because their antisocial characteristics reduce their ability to reproduce. Not many women find them attractive. They do not leave many offspring, partly because they are often in jail. I have finally realized that I was really thinking of individuals who lack a conscience, or who posses a misshapened conscience, and are intensely social. I call them "civilopaths." They should be evolutionary successes, because they should reproduce rapidly. Women find them very attractive.

I coined the word, "civilopathy," to explain a phenomenon that I think occurs within every civilization. If I am correct, civilopaths, male and female, will reproduce faster than people who posses a conscience, or if you prefer, morals. People who have sex without morals will produce more offspring. In my first book, I separated civilopaths from people with consciences by suggesting that civilopaths exhibited low cerebral control and low discrimination in terms of people with whom they would have sex. People with a conscience exhibit high cerebral control and high discrimination. I define civilization as a place where aggression and sexuality are controlled. That is, it is a place where high cerebral control is exercised over aggressive impulses and discrimination is exercised over sexuality. When civilopaths increase within a civilization to a point that the "average" behavior exhibited lacks cerebral control over aggression and sexuality, the civilization begins to decline. These individuals are pathological to civilization, hence, civilopathy. I think all civilizations first increase in individuals of high cerebral control; they build the civilization. However, once formed, this is conducive to survival of civilopaths. When they reach a certain concentration, the civilization declines. I think the rise of civilopathy has caused the decline of past, great civilizations.

I would like to quote part of the very last paragraph of my first book:

"If I were to describe the individual I fear most in their effect on our society, he or she would be the extreme of what I have been discussing with one additional characteristic, high intelligence; in other words the intelligent sociopath [civilopath]. This person can succeed in professions which are of utmost importance to our society. He will, like all of us, seek positions in our society which are most rewarding in money, power, or 'respect.' The fact that these professions are so rewarding may have already attracted this type of person; evolution selects those who are most fit. I fear that these professions are already rampant with these people and, I think that they may have already done much harm to our society."

I suggest that this is what is currently occurring in America. Civilopathy is rapidly increasing within the general population and within our leaders. Two signs of this would be a leader who exhibits low cerebral control and low sexual discrimination and a population that does not see these characteristics as faults.