Adrenarche: My Explanation and the History of My Explanation


Copyright 2012, March 23, James Michael Howard, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.


Recently a number of articles regarding adrenarche have appeared in the literature.  In my opinion my work regarding adrenarche should have been cited and explained in these papers.  It was not.  Google, Google Scholar, and PubMed locate my work readily.  My work is clearly years ahead and provides a mechanism.  When I approaced the editor of one of the journals, the editor stated: “Apparently, and for whatever reason, your papers have not gained the recognition of the field.  Perhaps you were not publishing in the appropriate venue.”  It has been my understanding that work published in journals, along with a supporting pattern of published material on the internet, would suffice to establish ownership of my ideas.  I never thought I would discover that published work would have to be published in an “appropriate venue” to be accepted.  Anyway, the following treatise is about all that remains for me to establish my claim to the explanation of adrenarche.  (The “logo” of my website, , and above, is representative of the development of adrenarche as a result of the increase in testosterone which, I suggest, caused human evolution and human adrenarche.)


In 1985, my interest was primarily aimed at understanding the function of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).  During that time I combined three separate illustrations of DHEA levels from three age groups in the natural sequence from a book regarding adrenal androgens to produce the following diagram.  (“A Theory of the Control of the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Homo sapiens by the Interaction of Dehydroepiandrosterone and the Amygdala,” Copyright 1985, James Michael Howard, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.  (Registered Copyright)  (The citation for this diagram is in my “Dehydroepiandrosterone, Melatonin, and Testosterone in Human Evolution,” at: of 1996.)